Be a wise Emotions Collector


Today is a tiring day. I met a lot of inspiring people.  The roads that they are walking made me wonder about the path of my mysterious future. With all the uncertainties ahead, I wish a fairy could come up to me and point me to different right directions.

However, reality doesn’t allow fantasy to appear as we usually wish. We have to take risks and walk every steps carefully alone. Sometimes, a guardien angel from nowhere may guide you through hard times. But at most of the time, you have to deal it by yourselves.


We experience different things and face different people every day. Either it sucks or it brightens up your day. You meet people with different unique characteristics. They may like you, or hurt you. That is why our emotions fluctuate from time to time.

Today, I am described to be an emotions collector. Well, I wonder if I should regard this as a postive or negative term? Lol Anyways, emotions collector means your emotions are easily trapped and recalled every time you think of a particular person/an experience that you overcame even after a long period of time. Little things could make me happy, while minor stuffs could also make me feel sad for a whole day at the same time. Most of the time, I just wish somebody could come over and give me a hug, telling me everything’s gotta be fine.


To be carefree and happy, all we have to do is to let go. It is easy to say it while it’s hard to actually DO it. Letting go of emotions are not easy, especially when you drag on the memories that you wish to stay. But you gotta admit in the reality, those memories that you drag on actually doesn’t exist anymore, never and ever. Happy memories are surely deserved to be retained,  while the disturbing ones will just trouble you meaninglessly.

Therefore, I wish, I could learn to be a little stronger every day. May God be with me as always, grant me confidence and walk through the shades. Guys, lets just hang in there for a while more. You will be fine. I promise.



Everything happens for a reason


Sometimes, you hate yourself for screwing up things you wished,
and ending up where you didn’t expect to go.
Hold on. When time passes by, you will realize…
He is actually holding your hand all the way,
guiding you through the loudest storm,
and heard all your prayers even when we can’t find words to describe…
All the wrong people you met taught you to be grateful after you meet the right ones.
All the shits you experience taught you to become a stronger person.
All the disappointments taught you not to lose hope.
God has the most amazing plan for us…
All we need is patience…
and accept the challenges ahead he gives us,
enjoy the moments that he plans for us.
Sometimes he even surprises us with a perfect timing…
Thank you God for letting me found you.
You accompanied me through all the ups and downs,
and listened to me when I was depressed and alone.
All glory be to the God. I love you.

Merry little christmas


Here comes the most beautiful time of the year! Merry Christmas everybody =).
Christmas is a festival of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. I’m so thankful and blessed by the guidance of God in 2013. It can’t be more blissful to spend Christmas time with our beloved ones. This year, I feel so peaceful to share my moments with my beloved family.


Everyone has their own wishes on Christmas. I am a December girl and therefore I have two wishes for my birthday and Christmas in December hehee lol One of my wishes has achieved. Hopefully the other one could be achieved soon =).
I wish one day, I could gather all my best friends with my beloved to have great fun at the party. My best friends will bring along their partners, we play board games and exchange presents together. It sounds really happy, doesn’t it? I really hope this could happen in the near future!


Christmas also reminds me the new year is coming. Nothing new but true, I hope new year 2014 could treat me good. Over the past year, I have grown up a lot. I used to tear a lot whenever I feel weak. Through the ups and downs, I start to realize that it’s the time for me to grow up and be a STRONG girl. Being strong doesn’t mean you’ll never get hurt. It means even when you get hurt, you’ll never let it defeat you. Negativity may knock at your door, but you can choose not to let it in. To be honest, as a girl, I always wanted to have someone for me to rely on. However, I believe being independent also means you’re strong enough to wait for what you deserve. And I promise, I will become a better girl in the coming year.


Sometimes we may feel lonely, especially during the season of love such as Christmas. I absolutely understand this feeling of temporary loneliness. However, let’s be positive! Try to be grateful for what you have at the moment. Cherish what you already had and spend more quality time with your beloved ones. Don’t let regret happens at the time you realize you can never go back to the moment you wish to spend with that person. Be faithful to God, I’m sure one day the special moment with our beloved ones will appear to both you and me.


Once again, Merry Christmas everyone! =)
I hope we all have a wonderful year in the coming new year 2014. Don’t forget to EAT, PRAY and LOVE.

Love xoxo,
Ange Gardien