Taking a break


It has been a while since I had a decent break. Tough semester and exams have just passed, every thing seem settled. However, stress is still surrounding me and I wish I could just escape from this crowd for a while. Everyone needs to take a break from their busy world. For me, I could tell that I tend to be an introvert than an extrovert. This is one of the reasons why I enjoy spending the night-time myself on the cozy bed, listening to music and do whatever I want to.


Lately, I have been watching this drama and it deeply touches my heart. The boy who is born in a rich family falls in love with a poor girl in a single family. Even though they are from two different backgrounds, love tide them together with courage and determination. Every relationships have challenges. This drama reminds me whatever happens, as long as you still love each other, never lose faith and never let go. Love conquers everything, indeed.


I have been longing to travel to many places all over the world one day. It will be even better if I can travel with my beloved ones, such as my soulmate, family and best friends. The world is so big and we are so little. Many beautiful scenaries and amazing people are waiting for me to experience and explore. I believe travelling can make me think differently towards life in a positive way.

There are several places that I wish to go in the future:

1. Paris, France


2. Cinque terre, italy


3. Maldives


4. New York City, New York


5. Berlin, Germany


6. Zuerich, Switzerland


7. Vancouver, Canada


8. Auckland, New Zealand


9. Sydney, Australia


10. Dubai


Which is your most favourite city? If you are granted a wish to go wherever you want to, where will you go?

Love xoxo,
Ange Gardien 


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